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Since 1984 Life Safety Associates® has developed and delivered high-quality, cost effective emergency response and safety related training programs for business and industry. Our certified training programs are designed to emphasize practical, realistic, hands-on emergency and safety skills – skills that save lives. Our experienced professional staff provides expert consultation, needs assessments, written plans, emergency-disaster planning and OSHA compliance services. We staff temporary and permanent full or part-time Safety Professionals to develop, maintain and retain your emergency response team and related structure.


Our Training Programs

Over 100 different Emergency Response Training Programs designed for business and industry. Let us train your staff or employees when and where you need.

Emergency & Safety Products and Supplies

  • First Aid Cabinet Restocking Service

    Life Safety Associates provides restocking for your wall mounted or desk first aid cabinets (unlike the competition we provide reasonably priced quality first aid supplies. A 25%-30% savings is pretty typical) to custom, cost effective response kits.

  • Disaster Preparedness, the Human-side

    Life Safety Associates provides professional disaster preparedness project management, various custom (and cost effective) storage containers, water, food, shelter, sanitation, hygiene, medical supplies, communications, etc. A complete project turnkey solution. You can choose from several different storage configurations that typically include internal lighting, various color choices, door configurations, shelving, and more.

  • Emergency Response Team Supplies

    We also provide ERT response packs, signs, placards, site bags, and vests that are designed to address your site-specific issues. Each are stocked with quality name brand items such as Johnson & Johnson ® and come in various configurations to meet a demanding budget and response team. Custom silk-screening is readily available.