First Responder Medical Emergencies

Goals & Objectives

  • Responding to Day-to-Day Medical Related Emergencies
  • Philosophy/Motivation
  • Adapt-Improvise-Overcome
  • Cramming vs. Farming
  • Mediocrity vs. Excellence

Team Training

  • Review Blood-borne Pathogens
  • Yellow Brick Road (YBR)
  • Safety, 911 Early, ABC’s, C Spine, Bleeding, Shock
  • Demo Approach to Conscious Victim
  • Practice YBR Approaches (conscious scenarios)
  • Demo Approach to Unconscious Victim
  • Practice YBR Approaches (conscious & unconscious scenarios)
  • Practice CPR/AED
  • Illness Assessment
  • Skin Signs
  • Breathing
  • Pulse
  • Blood Pressures


  • Skill Mills (illnesses, team approach, forms, vitals)
  • Trauma Care
  • Control of Bleeding Techniques
  • Basic Bandaging
  • Secondary Exam (as time allows)

Program Length

  • 8 Hours

Participation Cards

  • CPR/AED standards are from the American Heart Association. First aid standards from the National Safety Council.  Participation cards are issued good for two years.