Building Evacuation – Floor Warden Operations

Instruct key personnel in the proper techniques for ensuring a timely, thorough and safe evacuation of a building.

All program content will be within the guidelines and standards of your local fire agency.

This program provides the following training and materials:

  • Prevention & preparedness
  • Reasons & causes for evacuation
  • Shelter-In-Place
  • Evacuation conditions
  • Assembly areas & employee accountability
  • Psychological considerations
  • How to deal with physically limited (buddy system), injured and hostile employees
  • Notification of evacuation
  • Evacuation procedures for you and your employees
  • Once outside – now what?
  • Specific considerations for natural disasters
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Instruction on how to use surrounding resources
  • Booklets, DVDs, Power Point, building size-up evaluation
Program Length
  • 2 – hours, additional time may be need based on your risk potential and other requirements