Respiratory Protection & Fit-Testing

This respiratory protection program is designed to train personnel in airborne hazard requirements and the use of respiratory protective equipment, doffing and donning. For Fit Testing, see information below. Required annually or when new equipment is introduced.

Key Topics APRs:

  • Why the respirator is necessary and how improper fit, usage and/or maintenance can compromise the protective effect of the respirator.
  • What the limitations and capabilities of the respirator are.
  • How to use the respirator effectively in emergency situations, including situations in which the respirator malfunctions.
  • How to inspect, put on and remove, use, and check the seals of the respirator.
  • What the procedures are for maintenance and storage of the respirator.
  • How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent the effective use of respirators.
Program Length
  • ~1-hour


  • Fit Test certificate for your records
  • Wall certificate for Respiratory Protection Training upon request


We also offer:

SCBA Doffing & Donning Training

Fit Testing – We provide Quantitative testing (meter – Portacount)

  • Computer generated print out provided for your records
  • We average about five tests an hour