Public Enrollment Classes

Please give us a call or send an email or if you’d like see our training programs on this web site for class details and related fees.

Training Center Is In San Jose. Directions

  • All classes start at 8:30 a.m. unless noted otherwise
  • Dress is casual – expect to lift, bend, & kneel
  • You will be supplied with all written materials and a pen
  • Phones & Internet Access is available
  • Free coffee is available as well as pastries and juices
  • Lunch is about 1-hour with several choices within five minutes
  • Participation cards and/or wall certificates will be issued for all classes


Adult CPR $75.00 ea.
Adult CPR with AED $98.00 ea.
Adult CPR with AED & First Aid $110.00 ea.
Adult CPR & First Aid $90.00 ea.
First Aid Only $75.00 ea.
Bloodborne Pathogens $35.00 ea.
MERT, 24 Hr. $445.00 ea.