About Us

Through the use of designed lecture formats and educational technology, all Life Safety Programs are consistent in content and delivery. Narration by primary health professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Firefighters), along with hands-on training, allows each student to enjoy our programs and maintain a high level of retention. Using the newest equipment and materials ensures that each student enjoys a safe and informative program.

We provide all participation/certification cards, roster control, equipment, student manuals, attendance recording, data processing, statistics, summaries, instruction for each participant and most printed matter and many program promotion materials.

All programs meet or exceed local, state and government requirements and are designed to be cost effective and time efficient.

With the ongoing efforts of our professional staff, we are here to ensure enjoyable, consistent, quality programs. Please call 408.573.1900 or you can E-Mail for information.


Life Safety Associates provides an unique, absolute guarantee. If, for any reason, you find our programs do not exceed your expectations, we simply won’t bill you, no hassles, no questions asked. Guaranteed!


See if any of our competition will match this!

On top of that, we will do a make-up class at no cost or we will pay for a vendor of your choice to come in and complete the program. We provide this remarkable guarantee because we are certain you’ll find our programs the very best.


We use a building block approach – from delivering all programs as one Module, to breaking them into separate training Modules. Each program works within the other.


We provide computerized control of all student activity to maintain absolute cost control management and program justification:

  • Statistics of participation
  • Employee saturation control
  • No-show, incomplete and repeat student control
  • Matching invoice to attendance
  • Co-payment database


We offer custom programs and delivery.

  • OnLine Training
  • On and Off-Site Training (Globally)
  • Incentives to Learn, we call “Perks-to-Learn”; penlights, key rings, cool stuff…
  • Co-payment database (to share the cost with your employees)


We service, maintain and make available the newest equipment and materials.

  • LCD Projectors, Notebook computers for presentations
  • The newest DVD presentations for all programs (over 200 titles)
  • Two-way radios for communication drills and program usage
  • Free standing Drill signs to alert training in progress
  • MERT Response Vests (highly visible)
  • Quality Training booklets for each program
  • Pencils
  • Plastic placards, for MERT, ERT, First Aid, or Red Cross with holders
  • For CPR/AED the newest and most sanitary mannequins available (Ratio: 1 mannequin per 2-3 students – the same with our AED trainers)
  • Individual face masks and plastic lungs for each student
  • Demonstration head-section model
  • Still Image: Visual Aids and things to touch:
  • Heart model
  • Artery Model
  • Glucose
  • Bee Sting Kit
  • Ipepac
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Paramedic shears
  • Anatomy models
  • Circulatory models
  • Cervical models
  • Block Artery models
  • Stage Circulatory models
  • Camcorder and CCTV (for evaluation and critiques)
  • Flip-chart of hand-skill procedures
  • Quick reference CPR tri-fold wallet cards
  • Laminated participation cards
  • Medic Alert bracelets
  • Name tags and holders
  • Stage makeup
  • First-Aid equipment, ranging from response kits, mouth shields, bandages, backboards, to oxygen – See our secure Online Shopping Cart


All instructors are chosen to fit within your corporate structure and culture.

  • Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Firefighters and related health professionals
  • Average ratio: 1 professional instructor per 7-12 students
  • Instructors complete Life Safety Associates unique Primary Instructor Program
  • Primary Instructor Program includes a zero burn-out rotation


We provide statistics, summaries and all electronic information (converted and released) to each client.

  • Computer-based control
  • Attendance recording
  • Certification roster control
  • Data processing, coded for entry to your system, regardless of your platform. PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.


We network to improve our programs and to build strong relationships with our clients.

  • All proprietary information is held in absolute confidence
  • Networking with other major Local and National companies
  • Sharing new concepts, program promotion, surveys, program administration, etc.


We bring all programs to you as you require, providing all necessary equipment, materials and instructors, including all visual aids, as needed.

  • Custom Web Site development specific to your group at no cost
    • Click to view a client specific ERT Web Site
    • Click to view client specific Online Store
  • On-site programs (delivered to your location)
  • Off-site programs (at our training centers – San Jose CA and Los Angeles CA)
  • Global Training
  • Around-the-clock training
  • Various breakdown of hours (blocks of time) for each program


We offer client program promotion concepts and outlines to increase program awareness, participation and retention.

  • Affinity Campaigns (give away, learning incentives, food, recognition, etc.)
  • Design and layout of program fliers
  • Design and layout of program posters
  • Articles for in-house publications
  • Program coordinator kits
  • Special programs for repeat students (re-certs)
  • On-site support headed by one of our expert project leaders
  • Call backs and emails to confirm program attendance


With certain exceptions, we provide all necessary student materials. Your company’s program promotion material is distributed to each participant, upon request.

Each student is given the opportunity to receive earned perks: T-shirts, sweat shirts, water bottles, letter openers, hats, pen lights, etc. We call them “Perks-to-Learn”. Be proactive in the class, ask a good question, make a good comment, we give them a “Perk-to-Learn”. All in good fun.


If you schedule three or more programs during the year, we provide a customer designed Administration binder to control the paperwork generated by your programs (that’s if you want one, of course). The binder contains all related program information.

  • Class-to-class summary sheets
  • Data from each class can be gathered, on request, in any format
  • Month-to-month summaries
  • Program contents, hours, cost, etc.
  • Employees trained by building, by floor, etc.
  • Special programs for repeat students (re-certs)
  • On-site support headed by one of our expert project leaders
  • Call backs and emails to confirm program attendance


We provide the following with every program at no additional cost

  • Completion cards and colored wall certificates
  • Roster control and summary reports
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • LCD projector, Notebook computer, DVD Player, TV/VCR, Easel
  • All class equipment and visual aids
  • Electronic data control
  • Statistical reports
  • Perks To Learn (incentive gifts)
  • Most program promotion