Industrial Incident Command System (ICS)

This program covers a broad scope of emergencies. It defines who is in charge, defines functional responsibilities and determines an organizational matrix. It is intended for upper-management key personnel and concludes with a complex and effective hands-on drill. Review should be done annually in a two or three hour format.

Two to four hour formats are available and typically cover how the Emergency Response Team should respond and function during an emergency within the ICS system. The course work shows how the (ERT) team blends within the ICS structure based your site-specific policies and procedures. The ERT will gain knowledge and how to communicate and function with local Fire Departments and other outside agencies.

The information in this program is kept current with local and state Emergency Services criteria. For details on annual refresher training (two-hour & four-hour formats) please Email

Program Options

  • 8 hours – For senior management personnel – site or regional incident management training
  • 4 hours – For Emergency Response Teams – table top & multiple drills
  • 3 hours – For Emergency Response Teams
  • 2 hours – For Emergency Response Teams – Training type One: ICS overview only. Training type two is for senior management refresher training typically done as least annually post the ICS, 8-hour training program.