First Aid Cabinets & Restocking

First Aid Restocking

All of our cabinets contain first aid items for treating bleeding injuries, bruises, burns, and personal discomfort such as headaches, upset stomachs, colds, etc. These cabinets are made of steel with double latches and are normally mounted on a wall or may be used as portable units. All meet or exceed OSHA requirements. All cabinets may be custom filled to meet your specific needs, or you may use our basic approved product fill.

On-site service: The average typical savings from your current vendor is about 30%.

Send us your usage list from your current vendor (one month will do and you can send it without prices). We will give you an apples-to-apples comparison to show you exactly how much you would have saved.

On a regular basis our trained safety professionals come to your location and personally check your cabinets to make sure you always have the emergency care products you need, when you need them. There is no cost for this service. You simply pay for the items replaced. Sorry, this service is only offered to our clients within the San Francisco Bay Area.

We will come to your site and if necessary replace your existing cabinets with ours at no cost. Also, after one year of our First Aid Restocking Van Service the cabinets themselves become your property.

We offer 2-shelf, 3-shelf, 4-shelf and 5-shelf units. (5-shelf unit not shown)