Online Respirator Medical Clearance – OSHA Compliant

Offload Your Workload

Respirator Protection is one of the top 10 most cited OSHA violations. This product is specifically designed to make compliance effortless at an affordable cost. Plus, going paperless ensures that medical document storage is instantly HIPAA and OSHA compliant.

Save time and effort. Avoid scheduling conflicts, lost employee time going to a clinic, excessive costs and often extended waiting times for your clearances. See how simple this process can be.

95% of all respirator medical clearances are completed without any additional testing required (asbestos exposure excluded). In cases where an employee requires additional testing, we will issue a conditional clearance with instructions on what testing/conditions need to be met and, what to do next.- A physician or other licensed health care professional (PLHCP) reviews every form that does not pass instantly.

  • We set up your company specific secure site in minutes at no cost – you only pay for each medical evaluation.
  • You as an administrator can pre-fill difficult questions like respirator type making it even easier for your employees.
  • Expanded paper forms available – When you don’t have internet access, use the expanded paper form and enter them when you do.

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Are medical evaluations really needed for annual fit testing? (PDF file)

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