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IP = In person or classroom delivery

Blended = Can be delivered with a mix of site specific and custom tailored Online training programs and Classroom training ‐ All programs are augmented either by DVD’s and/or Power Point presentations, booklets and related handouts

Emergency Training Programs

EMERGENCY TRAINING PROGRAMSProgram Format & DurationProgram Format & Duration - level 2Program Format & Duration - level 3Program Format & Duration - level 4RefresherPreferred DeliveryOptional Delivery
Adult CPR3-hours2-yearsIP
Adult CPR/AED/First Aid7-hours2-yearsIP
Asbestos TrainingAwareness, 2-hoursClass 111, 8-hoursClass 111, 16-hoursAnnualIP
Blood-borne Pathogen In-Service1-hourAnnualIPBlended
Building Evacuation1.5 - hoursAnnualIPBlended
Confined SpaceAwareness, 2-hoursEntry, 8-hoursPermit, 8-hoursAnnualIP
Confined Space Rescue Standby Teams for Industry & MunicipalitiesVaries by client needAs neededIP
Damage AssessmentAwareness, 2-hoursLevel 1, 4-hoursLevel 2, 8-hours2-yearsIP
DOT - Department of Transportation Training4-hours8-hours3-yearsIP
Earthquake Survival1-hourAdvanced, 2-hoursAnnualIP
Emergency Oxygen Administration1-hourAnnualIPBlended
Emergency Response DrillsSkills 1-hourSkills 2-hoursSkills 3-hoursN/AIP
ERT - Emergency Response Team Training Basic, 4-hoursIntermediate, 8-hoursAdvanced 16-24 hours2-yearsIP
Fire Evacuation Drills1-hourAnnualIP
Fire Extinguisher Training1.5 - hoursLive FireDigital Indoor SystemAnnualIP
First Aid - Includes CPR6-hours2-yearsIP
First Responders - Medical EmergenciesSkills 1-hourSkills 2-hoursSkills 3-hoursN/AIP
Floor Warden Operations – Building Evacuation Training1.5-hoursAnnualIPBlended
Hazardous Communications – GHS (Right-to-Understand)1-hourAnnualIPBlended
Hazardous Materials Emergency Response DrillsSkills 2-hoursSkills 3-hoursSkills 4-hoursAs neededIP
Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team TrainingAwareness, 2-hoursHaz Handlers, 4-hoursOperational, 24-hoursTechnician, 40-hoursAnnualIP
Hazardous Materials Refresher Training2-hours4-hours8-hoursAnnualIP
Industrial Incident Command System (ICS) TrainingERT Overview, 2-hoursManagement, 4-hoursManagement, 8-hoursAnnualIPBlended
Lunch-Time Learning1-hour Various TitlesEmergency MedicalSafetyHazMatN/AIP
MCI - Multi Casualty Incident (Triage)2-hoursAnnualIP
MERT - Medical Emergency Response TeamBasic, 4-hoursIntermediate, 8-hoursAdvanced 16-24 hours2-yearsIP
Post Incident Response Critique & Debriefing1-hourNo CostAs neededIP
Respirator Medical Clearance Examination<15 minutes per exam
OSHA Compliant
Medical evaluation is required initially - email for further details Life Safety Online ToolEmail for a quick test ride
Respiratory Training & Fit Testing1 fit test every 12 minutesAnnualIP
Search & Rescue TrainingLight, 2-hoursRescue 1, 8-hoursRescue 2, 16-hoursAnnualIP

Safety Training Programs

SAFETY TRAINING PROGRAMSProgram Format & DurationProgram Format & Duration - level 2Program Format & Duration - level 3Program Format & Duration - level 4RefresherPreferred DeliveryOptional Delivery
Back SafetyAwareness, 1-hourBasic, 2-hoursAdvanced, 4-hours2-yearsIPBlended
OSHA Written PlansIllness, Injury & Prevention PlanEmergency Action Plan - Fire Prevention Plan - Hazardous CommunicationsLaser - Chemical Hygiene - Respiratory - RadiationHearing Conservation - Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure N/ASoft and or hard copiesWord / PDF
Forklift TrainingElectric - Gas - PropaneScissors - ManliftSpecialty - DrumCrane3-yearsIP
Hazardous Energy - Lockout/TagoutBasic, 2-hoursQualified, 4-hoursAnnualIPBlended
Hearing Conservation1-hourSite Noise EvaluationAuditory TestingWritten PlanAnnualIP
Sexual Harassment1-hourEmployees at largeManagers/SupervisorsAs requestedIPBlended
Violence in the Workplace - Active Shooter1-hour for each titleViolence in the Workplace - 1 hourActive Shooter - 1 hourAs requestedIP

Specialty Programs

SPECIALTY PROGRAMSProgram Format & DurationProgram Format & Duration - level 2Program Format & Duration - level3 RefresherPreferred DeliveryOptional Delivery
Custom Simulations - Medical, Haz Mat, Safety1 to 16-hoursAs requestedIP
Decontamination Spill Drills2 to 8 - hoursAs requestedIP
High Voltage Electrical – NFPA 70-E4 - 16 - hoursAnnualIP
Laser SafetyAwareness, 2-hoursBasic, 4-hours Advanced, 8-hoursAnnualIP
Radiation SafetyAwareness, 2-hoursBasic, 4-hours Advanced, 8-hoursAnnualIP
Weapons of Mass Destruction - (WMD)2 to 8 - hoursAs requestedIP
On-Site Staffing - Safety Specialist - ERT CoordinatorPermanentTemporaryFull or Part TimeN/AIP

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