Customer Care

In an environment where retaining customers is a key to success, the ability to deliver timely, quality customer care is a crucial factor. Life Safety Associates® has understood this for the past 23 years. We simply believe the more you give the more you get.

We know it’s not just about hammering out a good training program or selling a quality cost effective product. It’s a lot more than that. Our success is a direct link to customer loyalty. Gaining loyalty begins with being trustworthy and reliable. But that’s just the beginning. We continue to add to our Customer Care Solutions. Many of our standard operating procedures are seamless, in the background, designed to be there when needed. All to insure our customers get what they expect and more.


Life Safety Associates® provides a unique, absolute guarantee. If, for any reason, you find our programs do not exceed your expectations, we simply won’t bill you, no hassles, no questions asked. Guaranteed!


On top of that, we will do a make-up class at no cost or we will pay for a vendor of your choice to come in and complete the program. We provide this remarkable guarantee because we are certain you’ll find our programs the very best.

There’s more. Our instructors arrive at your site 30 minutes prior to the start of your training program. This gives them time to get to the training room and set up. We always have an instructor back-up in case your scheduled instructor is unable to make it to your site due to unforeseen circumstances such as a flat tire, illness, etc.

We provide the following at no additional cost

  • Client specific attendance sheets (name, building, floor, whatever tracking info you need)
  • Electronic roster control and summary reports
  • Computer generated quality completion cards and colored wall certificates
  • Statistical reports (monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually)
  • Data processing, coded for entry to your system, regardless of your OS platform
  • All class equipment and visual aids
  • Perks-To-Learn (give-a-ways during training; penlights, safety lights, etc.)


  • Over 70 support topics from Accident Investigation forms to Violence in the Workplace information
  • Available support staff 8:00a – 5:00p, M-F with 24 hour urgent access
  • Response to your technical questions without ‘nickel and diming’ you
  • Email responses within minutes
  • Rapid quote requests
  • Program promotion; posters, fliers, email campaigns
  • Web page development to support your specific training programs
  • Employee reminders of pending training classes via email or phone
  • Online quizzes to augment our hands-on training programs’
  • What if’- spreadsheets for budget control and program justification
  • Site-specific spreadsheets for the input and output of trained employees
  • Controlling elements like; required training titles, refresher training, cell phones, pagers & response kits

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  • On-site programs (delivered to your location)
  • Off-site programs (at our training centers)
  • Global training
  • 24/7/365 training
  • 100+ different training titles in both the emergency and safety arenas
  • Comprehensive stock of emergency, safety and disaster related equipment and products

Corporate Headquarters
Life Safety Associates®
1876 Hartog Drive
San Jose, CA  95131
Phone: 408•573•1900