Forklift Safety Training

The newly published OSHA forklift rules offer a new compliance challenge. Life Safety Associates provides effective training on your equipment tailored to your workplace needs.  Our experienced forklift instructors combine classroom and practical hands on training into a challenging but supportive curriculum. You will be confident in the ability of your drivers who pass our certification test. For those who prefer off-site training, we also offer forklift classes at our training facility.

See this link for forms and checklists forklift related forms

This program provides the following training:

  • Safety overview
  • Cal-OSHA regulations
  • Responsibilities
  • Height/Load/CG
  • Operating procedures
  • Haz Mat handling
  • Emergency procedures
  • Driver evaluation
  • Written test/Q&A

This program provides the following improvements:

  • Recognize potential hazards
  • Improve driving performance
  • Reduce accidents
  • Review of current regulations
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Safety practices and procedures
  • Skills testing

Program Length

  • 1 – 4 hours based on attendance & number and types of lifts

Program Frequency

  • Refresher training is required by OSHA every three years or sooner should there be an accident.