Evacuation Maps

Life Safety Associates provides turnkey support; from working on your existing CAD drawings or converting hand drawings of your site. Click to see an example of how an evacuation map looks. (the actual final map comes in brilliant colors that are absolutely clear, a very high quality product).  Of course the final product comes framed (with 15 color choices) and ready to be mounted.

Evacuation Maps:
Multi-color safety display (11 x 17 inches) showing floor plan, evacuation routes and safety information and equipment.


  • Each plan shows a unique “You Are Here” location with unique exit routes for that location
  • Emergency information customized for your site
  • Each plan is rotated to the viewer’s perspective
  • Plans are laser printed and will not fade with time
  • Plans are guaranteed to meet OSHA and State fire codes
  • Plans include gray shading of areas which are not exit routes (rooms, workstations, etc.)
  • Exit paths stand out from the rest of the building for easy visibility on the display
  • Plans are already framed in heavy-duty aluminum gallery-type frames – your choice of color
  • Frames have an acrylic cover (instead of glass) to prevent shattering
  • Frames are re-usable so that at a later date you can update the displays without having to repurchase frames
  • Plans are kept on file for easy updating at a later date

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