Building Evacuation Drills (fire drills)

Program One: Building Evacuation Drill is a “live” building dump. We will assist you in targeting your goals and benchmarking and evaluating the results. Life Safety will provide the appropriate staff necessary for a successful building evacuation.

Program Two: Building Evacuation Floor Warden Overview and/or refresher; on teaching personnel in the proper techniques for ensuring a timely, thorough and safe evacuation of a building.

Drill Length
30 minutes to 4 hours based on the complexity and population of your site.
An example; a two story building with approximate square footage of < 100,000 sq. ft. and a population < 300 will dump (if properly trained) and be back at their work stations within 20-30 minutes. Life Safety will follow this up with a critique and debriefing for the Floor Wardens (see below for details).