Hazardous Communications with GHS Elements

Required per CCR, Title 8, and Section 5194 – includes Globally Harmonized System of Clasification (GHS) (training required by December 1, 2013)

All employers must provide information to their employees, through a hazard communication program, about the hazardous substances they may be exposed to. A written Hazard Communication Program must be developed and implemented. This plan must include:

  • How your company will inform employees of the Hazard Communication Standard
  • GHS Labeling – How the labeling, warning, safety data sheets (SDS) and employee information requirements will be implemented in your company – Pictograms, Signal Words, Hazard Statement, Precautionary Statement
  • A list of hazardous substances used in the workplace and the methods to provide information and training on these substances
  • Methods to be used to inform employees of the hazards of non-routine tasks
Program Length
  • 1 hour